Top 9 Best Selfie Stick for iPhone 7/8, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, GoPro

Taking photos is a unique experience that a person always want to have. You will always be motivated to have at least several that you will leave for your friends to keep or even you having to keep for remembrance. One unique thing about photos is that you need to be in them too. That is why if you have your smartphone with you, these type of sticks that we have are going to be of use a lot.

# Preview Product
Mpow Selfie Stick Bluetooth, iSnap X Extendable Monopod Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter Compatible with iPhone XS/XS max/XR/X/8/8P/7/7P/6s/6/5,Galaxy S9/8/7/6/Note,Nubia and More(Black)
Fugetek FT-568 Professional High End Selfie Stick Monopod, For Apple, Android, & DLSR Cameras, Removable Wireless Bluetooth Remote (Black)
Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote for iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus Android Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 Plus Edge, Foneso 3 in 1 Pocket Extendable Aluminum Alloy Monopod, Support Photo & Video
Headphone Adapter & Splitter, Headphone Jack Audio & Charge Connector Splitter Calling/Charger/Music/Remote Control for iP7/7 plus/8/8 Plus/X/XS/XR/XS/MAX
Extendable Selfie Stick by CamKix - With Universal Phone Holder Suitable for iPhone, Samsung, and Other Devices up to 3.25 Inches in Width - Fully Adjustable Handheld Monopod 11
Selfie Stick, Arespark Wireless Extendable Selfie Monopod Portable Selfie Pole for Gopros, DSLR, Cameras & iPhoneX 8 7 Plus Android Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 with Bluetooth Remote Control
CamKix Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote for Smartphones - With Universal Phone Holder up to 3.25 Inch in Width - Adjustable Handheld Monopod 11
Premium 5-in-1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick for iPhone XR XS X 8 7 6 5, Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 & Most Androids - Takes Perfect HD Photos in Seconds - No Apps, No Downloads, No Hassle

9. Selfie Stick, Bluetooth Certified Monopod

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro


This is a product that has been made to ensure you always have that time of enjoying each moment. Take your photos in a style that is unique. The pole is one that is able to extend out up to 32 inches so for you to take stunning group photos in a new style. Never worry about falls because they will never happen.

8. Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote for Smartphones

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

This is a product that is light and also compact at the same easily portable. This one is fit in your handbag in an easy manner. It is also fully adjustable to allow you take your photos in the best and rights manner. The device is able to ensure you get the best pictures ever in the world. It will never fail you.

7. Mpow Bluetooth Selfie Stick, iSnap X Extendable Monopod

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

When you come to our companies, we always believe in our products. When we give them to our customers, we are sure that they are going to make the best for them. Each one of them comes with 18 months warranty. If anything goes wrong then I have to promise you that all shall be well taken care of. It also comes with a built in remote control that will give you that ability of taking pictures right from a distance.

6. Arespark Self-portrait Monopod Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

Now, this is a product that is new to the market but it also comes with the ability for use with both smartphones and also cameras. It is also the longest stick that exists in the market. It has been made with aluminum material which makes it have that strong look in your hand when you compare it with others.

5. Selfie Stick for Smartphones – With Universal Phone Holder

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

It has been designed with a phone holder that is better for use with multiple devices. The adjustable head that it has is always adjustable up to 180 degrees. It makes our product one of the best in ensuring that you have that ability to changing the position of the device for you to take the best photo from a better distance.

4. Anker Extendable Bluetooth Monopod with Built-in Remote Shutter

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

Always be that person that wants to take the best selfie shots with the ability of using sticks we have for you. It has been designed with a universal compatibility make that ensures that you are able to get into line with the use of even the smallest phones out there, as small as IPhone 4. Not compatible with Windows OS devices.

3. Foneso Extendable Monopod with Bluetooth Remote and Tripod Stand

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

If you are in need of taking a self-photograph or a group photo where you are in it, get this item today and you will always be happy. The phone holder is adjustable and what I have to promise is that it is adjustable to fit most phones. It rotates up to 270 degrees, making it one of the items that is ready for use at all times.

2. Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

It comes with two interchangeable phone mounts which give you the ability of ensuring easy change to fit your diverse phones. Has been made with the toughest material in the market. Its battery can be recharged and when it is in standby mode, can go up to 300 hours. Connect it through Bluetooth faster to your phone unlike any other.

1. Mpow Selfie Stick, iSnap X Extendable Tripod with Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Best Selfie Stick for iPhone, Samsung, GoPro

If you want to take a photo sight that has been made with the best features, you will not miss having this device on you. It comes with an extra wrist strap that is able to provide you with double insurance so that safety of the device and phones is well taken care of. If you want a better item for your photo sessions, then by this one.

Don’t be lured into buying sticks that will not work well for you, it is always a hard thing for you at the end to maintain. For instance, a stick might be cheap but when you go to the logistics, it does not work well. The best sticks are the ones that we have brought for you here and the will never let you down at all. Go a step further and get them, the life of photo-taking will change.


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